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    As a former IBM employee turned freelance web designer, I bring a wealth of industry expertise, user-centric design principles, mobile optimization strategies, SEO knowledge, and data-driven decision-making to the table. By leveraging my unique insights and experience, I can help you create an outstanding online presence that captivates your audience and drives business growth. Collaborate with me today to unlock the potential of your website and embark on a digital journey of success. Contact me now to discuss your web design needs and elevate your online presence to new heights.

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    As freelance web designer in Delhi I always focus on building high quality, functional and attractive websites without costing much. My philosophy is very simple & clear, if client is happy with results, I will get repeated business. Below are few frequently asked questions

    How much does a website cost?
    The most asked question and the answer is it is completely depends on your requirements but you can assured that we will deliver best quality in reasonable price and in your budget. Why do not you ask for a quote? There is no barrier and we would not get angry if you say “no”!
    Are there any other costs for my website?
    If you do not have hosting for your website and you host through us then there will be hosting charges. There can also be charges for photos in case you don’t provide photo yourself. However we try our best to use stock images website which are free as possible. Other than this, we always charge extra.
    What is WordPress?
    This is a site management system or in another way this system is called CMS. Many webmasters and bloggers use WordPress to manage their resources on the Internet, edit, manage, and so on. With this system you will be able to create and manage a website. This CMS is distributed free of charge.
    If WordPress is free, why do I pay for your services?
    Yes wordpress is free to use but we charge for our design and development services which we are providing to you. But when the project will be finished then you do not have to pay any charges to access this platform.
    How long does it take to build a website?
    This question is completely depends on your requirements if you want to develop 8 pages website then it take less time in compare of 20 pages website.
    Will my website work on smart phones and tablets as well?
    Yes, more and more people are accessing the website on smart phones tablets also. If your website is not responsive for smart phones and for tablet then you are losing such huge audience. It means mobile responsive website is very essential these days. And we understand is need that is why every website which we build or design is mobile responsive.
    Can you help me rank high in Google?
    A first position in a Google result is like a great achievement for creator. In past it was easier to achieve this position easily. But in these days it is most difficult task to achieve first position in Google search result. Gratefully we have all SEO tools and we also know how to maximize these chances.
    Do you help in SEO as well?
    Yes! In today's scenario every online business owner wants his/her website to be rank high in Google. I will optimize your website for the same. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technique of making sure your website is easily found on Google. I will develop SEO strategies to help my clients create new business from search engines.
    How long does it take to see results from SEO?
    Google personally answered this question for you. Google say that in most of the cases it can takes up to 4 months to a year for SEO to help your business implement the improvements first and then see the potential benefits.
    Do you develop Ecommerce store?
    Yes! I do. If you wish to sell your products online, I can create a highly functional, user friendly and attractive online store. I can work on woocommerce, opencart, magento & custom laravel ecommerce store.
    Do you redesign existing websites?
    Yeah we can definitely do it! It is important to be sensitive about website redesign to ensure that your reasons for the redesign are relevant. This ensures that the project is an overall success from a ROI point of view.
    What happens to the copyright of my website if I move to another agency?
    Your website is yours. You are the owner of your website. It’s your choice to move to another agency we will never say anything to you for it.

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